with Andrea Layne


Surround yourself with like-mind women, who are looking for a way to move forward with their virtual service or coaching businesses with support, strategy and accountability. Weekly meet-ups will include Q&A, Expert Trainings and Networking.

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With Strategy + Accountability

a Group Program for online servicE Pros that are ready to grow their earnings + impact

... when is all of this hard work supposed to "kick in," so you can finally just ENJOY yourself and this business of yours? You were sold a vision that being your own boss supposed to be FUN.

wondering when you'll have the freedom everyone said you'd have as an entrprenuer

04 do they get all of those glamorous opportunities for collaborations, podcast guest spots, and speaking to dream clients at dream events, WITHOUT working as hard as you (or at least that’s how it looks on Instagram)

wishing for the success you see your competitors having


... and wondering if you're making the "right" decisions now. You're sacred that you're one step away from making the "wrong decision." So sometimes you just accept the status quo and change nothing.



... you're the marketer, the salesperson, the designer, the admin, the bookkeeper - AND you deliver incredible value to your clients. There are many "SHOULDs"  and "MUSTs" with no end in sight.

Burning out from trying to do everything


Is this you?

Tell me...

Live with your vision by creating a business that is sustainable and life that honors who you want to be!

Find your biz friends, finally having that person you can bounce business ideas off of. Your mastermind friends will become like sisters! 

Have consistent income every month, with services you love delivering, and a more impactful business.

Be able to work from within reasonable hours, finally being able to take a vacation, and spending more time with love ones and less time in the office. 

What if you could....

What if you could Achieve the success You crave

You have been at this online business thing long enough know to know that you can't do this on your own. You've tried, but you just can't figure out when to make the time to work ON your business because you are so busssssy working IN your business.

AND every time you try you can't figure out what to do when and burn yourself out!

It's possible with the support and accountability of someone who knows the way out.... that's me!!!

with support?

Finally getting your SOPs done so that you can hire!

Having a business that delivers consistent revenue

Moving from overwhelmed to a more balanced approach

Some things you can accomplish in this program:

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You don't have to do business alone!

Strategy + Accountabilty

60 -min Zoom calls with your accountability group every other week:

>> Hot Seats
>> Issue resolution
>> Strategy for Delegation, Automation + Elimination

Bi-weekly Calls

What's  Included:


2-hour co-working sessions once a month on Zoom:

>> Set intentions by sharing task to be performed
>> 2 45-min focused work time
>> Wrap-up

Monthly Co-Working


90-min speakers once a month on Zoom. Topics to include:

>> Strategic Planning
>> Pricing
>> Offers
>> Boundaries
>> Messaging
>> Hiring

Expert Speakers

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3-month Accountability Mentorship

You are ready to make BIG waves in your life or business. 

You're ready to RECLAIM control over your time.

You want to find biz friends to support and PUSH you.

You are an EXPERT at your services... and you're ready to claim YOUR SUCCESS without burnout. 

Who You Are...

the business + life of your dreams

This 3-month group program will provide the support and strategy you need to stop the SHOULDs and the forever ending to-do lists.. and put you on a path to having a sustainable business you love again.

You deserve to have

— Morgan, Brand Strategist

"After working with Andrea I feel 100% confident in my ability to actually run my business in a way that is profitable and gets me closer to my goals each day"

"I was feeling like I was being pulled in so many directions, and unable to prioritize anything. Now (after the session) I was able to move forward, cut out the muck and focus on the things that truly needed my attention."

— Shannon, Online Business Manager

"When I came to Andrea I was a one woman show and couldn’t find a moment to pull myself out of the work I was doing to strategize and plan my big goals. Now I have a business with a team of editors, time to mentor others and freedom to work only 3 and a half days a week."

— Kristen, Photo Editor + Mentor

let me tell ya about the peeps I created this program for:

You're a booked out designer, copywriter, Tech VA, OBM, Social Media Manager, Marketing Specialist, Business Strategist, Software Specialist and well on your way (or already made) your first $100k, and you are ready to have consistent revenue every month!

You're seeking a community of women who are right there with you in the trenches.

You're seeking that big-time accountability.... because you know you can't do this on your own any more!

You're ready to stop feeling like you have to do it all, and are ready to start focusing on what can really impact your time and profit.

You just need someone to kick your butt into gear and join a space that let's you pick your head up from the client work.

Let's dive in.

WHERE? Online - in a friendly Zoom Room

WHEN? Next round TBD

WHO? Andrea + your accountability sisters + speakers!

WHAT? Deep dive conversations, educational talks, champagne dinners (just kidding... maybe in the future we can add an in-person component), group coaching + 1:1 coaching (a special bonus as a thank you from me), and plenty of co-working time to take action. 

3-month Group mentorship

Summary of the program:

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tell me bout' it

get ready to breakthrough!

I know your struggles, because I have been there too! When you're an expert at what you do, it's easy to think you can take on more and more. AND it's flattering that people want you and what you can deliver. 

That drive pushed me into a place where I was working 60+ hours, neglecting my health, missing my daughters' childhoods and losing connection with my husband. My business was thriving... I was making 5-figure revenue month over month. It wasn't sustainable and was costing me everything.

After a hard-truth talk with my husband, I realized I had to start recognizing all of my commitments (not just my business), protect my time and focus on what I do best.

These past 4 years I have mentored + coached over 150 entrepreneurs wanting the same thing as I was able to obtain: more freedom, consistent money with a services I love that follow a structure that can be delegated and automated. Let me help you do the same!

a business consultant, accountability coach, and recovering overbooker

I'm andrea.


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The Investment

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BONUS: 2 45-min 1:1 sessions with Andrea - One at the beginning and one at the end of the 3 months (if you sign up by Month DD, YYYY)