Asana Templates

Planning your business operations is easier with…

Asana Templates!

Stop trying to figure out how to manage your teams on your own. These boards and lists are proven to work over and over again with my clients.

WHY ASANA? Asana is the best business management tool available right now… because it has the most opportunities to assign responsibilities and due dates And that my friends is the way to accountability that so many of us are looking for. You can create lists for things that require detail actions… and boards for bigger picture thinking. And all of this can be prettier than any Trello board you have ever seen!

WHY YOU NEED THEM? Asana templates will enable you to eliminate all of those notes that you are currently taking all over the place… paper planners, notebooks, sticky notes…. to make it so much easier to find things, manage depedencies, and prioritize… which are the key to unlocking the chaos of your business! AND you can stop running your business from your inbox, which is key to getting to the holy grail of inbox zero!

HOW DO YOU GET THEM? These Asana Boards and Lists, which I have carefully created and curated, will be directly downloaded to your Asana Workspace without having to ask me to do it for you! YAY!  Just click on each of the buttons below.


Looking for a fun way to connect your virtual team members, freelancers, employees? Use this board to share information about team members – Add headhots, family photos, social media links, personality test results, etc.


You need a virtual hub for your work assignments! You will use this robust list every day to manage your workload… onboarding, projects, and recurring tasks with guidance, tags, and subtasks. Includes sections for issue tracking and agenda items to discuss with managers and team.


Make your team meetings easier with this list. Think of it as a meeting agenda that will help your team to truly focus on the priorites. Includes status reporting, summary reviews, issue assignment, and feedback, as well as a section for team members to propose topics.

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