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From hustle to freedom

NOTE: Next round starts the first week of April:

You're consuming everything you can to help you feel like you know what to do.... podcasts, business books, webinars, freebies ... "procrasto-learning" at its finest.

Stuck in self-doubt

You're constantly looking at your competitor's website & social accounts & worry that they're offering things you don't... so you add them too, even if you don't like doing that kind of work!

Stuck in comparison

You're doing everything... from client delivery to content marketing & there aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week to get it all done. And you're already neglecting your health ... high blood pressure, lack of sleep, weight gain.

Stuck in hustle mode

You're selling too many things to too many people because you don't know how much you need to sell to meet your revenue goals ... Math?!?

Stuck in overbooking


But you're


Block scheduled + batch processed to Be more productive

meditated, practiced yoga + journeled to reset your mind

Attended conferences or workshops to find out what to do

Hired a va or a freelancer to help take the pressure off you

You've tried so many things to fix this + grow:

these things just haven't work for you!

But. . .

OMG! You're right... sign me up!

These things will help you regain control over your time + bring in more revenue

Software & a roadmap!!!

Vision, Playbooks, People,

What you actually need: 

More time!!!

More sales &

What you think you need: 

NOTE: Next round starts the first week of April:


Be present for your life, say "yes" to what you want and live your priorities.

trust your gut to drive your business to success without compromising yourself and your time.

Imagine if you could . . .

Sweet words of Praise from a Client:

When I came to Andrea I was a one woman show and couldn’t find a moment to pull myself out of the work I was doing to strategize and plan my big goals. Now I have a business with a team of editors, time to mentor others and freedom to work only 3 and a half days a week.

Kristen Neiditch

Wedding Photography Editor

I know your struggles, because I have been there too! When you're an expert at what you do, it's easy to think you can take on more and more. AND it's flattering that people want you and what you can deliver. 

That drive pushed me into a place where I was working 60+ hours, neglecting my health, missing my daughters' childhoods and losing connection with my husband. My business was thriving... I was making 5-figure revenue month over month. It wasn't sustainable and was costing me everything.

After a hard-truth talk with my husband, I realized I had to start recognizing all of my commitments (not just my business), protect my time and focus on what I do best.

These past few years I mentored + coached over 50 entrepreneurs wanting the same thing as I was able to obtain: more freedom, consistent money with a services I love that follow a structure that can be delegated and automated. Let me help you do the same!

HEY! I'M Andrea

a business coach +
recovering overbooker

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*  Defining your Destination - to know where you are going and how

*  Resetting your Goals
- to align your targets for financials, time, team, systems, customers

*  Determining your Boundaries
- to define what you want to protect, eg, time, relationships, privacy

*  Knowing your Likes + Strengths
- to uncover what to keep and what to let go

*  Understanding your Customer
- to be clear about what exactly you are solving for them

*  Aligning your Offers - to ensure what you sell fits all of the above!

Align to you vision & avoid burnout in this intimate, 30-day group program by:

Let's create a new            in just a month!


NOTE: Next round starts the first week of April:

30-day Accelerator

Focus Your Lens

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a group of other virtual service pros that are there to support you... biz besties for life!


offers that align with all of the above and are easy to sell and deliver!


updated messaging related to your customers' pain points, root cause of their problems, and how what you sell addresses your customers' needs.


a new way of categorizing your likes and strengths that will help you known how to update what you sell and set you up for delegation success


defined boundaries for time, relationships, and privacy with tactics to help you protect them


A vision and mission for your business with goals that help you make progress on this direction


what you'll get out of this group program:

NOTE: Next round starts the first week of April:

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join the 30-day accelerator

It's time to

Focus Your Lens

NOTE: Next round starts the first week of April:

NOTE: Only 12 seats available for this round!




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Join the private Facebook group with your fellow members of the accelerator. Celebrate your wins, get feedback on your weekly assignments and find support when you need it.

PREMIUM: 5 seats available
GROUP ONLY: 7 seats available

Private, Intimate community

Guides and worksheets to help you complete the weekly transformations.


4 60-min group calls + All your questions, answered! on Tuesdays at 1pm EST
*  WEEK 1 - January 14: Vision + Mission + Goals + Boundaries
*  WEEK 2 - January 21: Customer Needs + Transformation Messaging
*  WEEK 3 - January 28: Like + Strengths
*  WEEK 4 - February 04: Align Your Offers + Next Steps


*  CALL 1: Get started with a private 1:1 session to discuss your current situation, issues and needs.
*  CALL 2: At the end of the program to review your transform and create a plan for your next steps.

PREMIUM ONLY: 2 45-min focus callS

30-day Accelerator

Focus Your Lens

Here's what's inside the

NOTE: Next round starts the first week of April:

We will meet on Zoom. You will be able to interact with everyone with voice and video. AND I will record the sessions and post them in the group for any one that misses any of the calls.

where will the calls take place?

I will send out a "doodle" to poll everyone who joined to ensure a day and time that works for most of the group. NOTE: Saturday and Sunday will not be an option!

When will the group call be?

Set aside an hour for the calls and another hour to work on your own.

How much time will this take each week?

Yep! I will be live each week for 60 minutes and you will be able to ask questions. If you want even more guidance from me, the premium seat includes to 45-minute 1:1 sessions with me.

do I get time with you?

Yep! It's a group program. But I promise to make it not feel like you are one of many. ONLY 12 seats are available.

Will I be with other people?

frequently asked questions


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4. Open your inbox for your welcome n email with the link to book your 1:1 call with me. YAY!

5. Block your calendar for the weekly group calls:
    Tuesdays at 1pm EST
    January 14, 21, 28, & February 4

6. CELEBRATE this commitment you made to yourself! Post about it on IG! Voxer your bestie! DM everybody! & tag me (@thecreativespring) so I can share your win too!!!

7. Receive the welcome email on January 6th with access to the program portal to start your journey to focus your lens.

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ONly 12 seats available for this round

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Directly with Andrea at the end of the group program

1 additional 30-min 1:1

for the first 5 registered 


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