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Get to know me better…

It’s Who I am

 An online business manager based in Tampa, Florida | The Creative Spring.

I have lived the life you’re living…. as a creative business owner of a profitable wedding floral design business for the past 7 years in Tampa, Florida. I’m also formally trained to advise businesses through my degrees in Communications and Business and my 12+ years as a consultant for a Big 5 firm, a boutique firm, and as a project manager for several Fortune 500 corporations.

I’m also a wife and a mom. I have to balance the needs of my family with my drive to do what I love…. to follow my passion. And sometimes these things clash…and it’s hard!

 Tampa, Florida Online Business Manager, Andrea of The Creative Spring

I understand the stresses and fears you face, because I have faced them too. The worries about making that next sale to be able to pay my rent and my assistant. Wondering when I can pay myself for all of this work, versus continuing to reinvest in my business. Having to forgo chaperoning my daughter’s field trip because I had a consultation with a new bride. Striving for the balance that is so elusive as a start-up business with only me to steer the ship. 

I get it! I’m here to tell you that you can do it with some documentation and planning to create a solid business foundation.


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