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Hire me as your Integrator

It’s such an exciting time- and also a little exhausting (if we are being honest)!!!

The “juggling it all” has to stop…. I mean, what if you forget to do something important?!? ….for a client ….for your family ….for yourself! You need help managing it all!

That’s where I come in. As your chief of staff, I can provide oversight to your rapidly expanding team and business, allowing you to be the CEO of your business, helping you to:

  • Figure out your current state (operations, cost of doing business, and projects) and determine what to do, in what order

  • Develop solutions for your biggest issues… with SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE & HUMAN CAPITAL

  • And design and implement a plan of action to do it all better…. in less time with better results!

There are several ways to get all of this managed for you… we may start with a project to regain some control, or you may hire me for a certain amount of hours per month on a retainer (starting at $2,000 per month)

To figure out your path to working with me, you simply need to fill out the form below to schedule a FREE 30 minute video call to determine your needs. Once you schedule your time slot, I will send you an invitation to the meeting with instructions on how to connect with me on Zoom Video.

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