Operations Manual

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Set-up your Operations Manual

Operations Manuals are a great way to communicate how you want things to be done and handled in your business by various roles.  They will help you get a handle on your systems and your processes, communicate how to handle situations that commonly arise in your business, and teach new team members about their roles. 

In this service, I handle the setup, you get the benefits. The manual may include: (to be determined during our first call.)

  • Job Descriptions

  • Contact Details – Owner & staff contact info, Website, Social, Emergency

  • Process Checklists –

    1. On-boarding a New Client

    2. Booking Appointments

    3. Rescheduling Appointments

    4. Collecting Payments

    5. Client Service

      1. Before

      2. During

      3. After

    6. Set-up before an appointment (for in-person services)

    7. Clean-up after an appointment (for in-person services)

  • How to Guides / FAQs – such as how to handle an allergy

  • Policies – no shows, payments, refunds, work schedule

  • Emergency Procedures

We will meet 3 times in one-hour video conference meetings, and I will deliver a finalized Operations Manual to your inbox at the end.

Price: $497

To get started, you simply need to fill out the form below to get a proposal for this service. Once you accept the proposal, I will send you an email to book a 30-60 minute video call to discuss your needs, what I need from you to get started, and how we will manage this project.

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