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This is the place if you are looking for all the awesome systems, tech goodies, and office-must-haves that I use and recommend to you. The success of my business truly lies in using systems that really work for me….by giving me centralized storage, mobile access at my finger tips, and automation and tracking of workflows.

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Must Have Software

I truly couldn’t get my work done as efficiently and effectively with out the software packages I have listed below. And while there are other options in each category, I selected to use each of these after trialing the other options because they fit the needs of my business the best, whether due to ease of set-up, best practice functions and integrations, or monthly/annual costs.

PLEASE NOTE:  A few of these links do give me a small payment for every recommendation that converts into a customer, and others don’t. I give no preference for one over the other…. I truly just want to provide you with the very best options that I use myself.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Project Management (PM)



Meeting Scheduling


   Acuity Scheduling  : Enables me to quickly view and manage my appointments on the go through the Acuity Scheduling website and app. And clients can book time with me based on availability I set up in the tool. It even integrates with Zoom to add a link for video conferencing to meetings and puts the invite in my google calendar to block the time.


Website Design and Hosting



Email Marketing & List Growth




Document Management

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