Week 1 – Prepping to hire

Week 1 – Prepping to hire – 5/2/2018

 Preparing your business to hire your team | The Creative Spring Mastermind


  1. Welcome & Intro – ME (5 min)
  2. Getting to know YOU – 2-3 min Intro each. Who are you? What’s your business? Why are you here? What’s your biggest struggle with teams?
  3. What are teams? What is the difference between a team member, a freelancer, and outsourcing? – ME (5-10 min)
  4. DISCUSSION QUESTION #1: Do you know what you want to hire out? Do you have these processes outlined/ check listed? – ALL (10 min)
  5. DISCUSSION QUESTION #2: Do understand your role in the relationship and the tasks you will still need to perform? – ALL (10 min)
  6. DISCUSSION QUESTION #3: Do you have the money to do it? Short term? Long term? – ALL (10 Min)
  7. Wrap up (5 min)


List of things to do when you are ready to hire:

  1. ID workflows you can have someone else do
  2. Determine the hours it takes to perform the tasks, and how often per week it needs to happen
  3. Determine the level of resource you need to perform it….and what this level of resource typically charges per hour
  4. Find the resources: Ideas…..
    • FB Groups – first search to see of someone has asked for that resource in the last 6 months and review the responses; if noone has asked or if they didn’t get a lot of options, ask yourself. A few Facebook groups that are good for this are:
    • Savvy
    • Think Creative Collective
    • Upwork – search for freelancers, post the job
    • Agencies – there are several VA, OBM, Marketing, and Design agencies that have resources ready for you to use
  5. Get a good contract….that includes a non-compete clause.
  6. If you are hiring team to do things for your clients…. then you have to determine your talk track in your sales pitch and on-boarding to inform your clients that someone else on your team will be servicing their needs. I say be open and honest. You never want them to find out that they aren’t getting you specifically, if that was never your intention.

Link to the recording of the meeting:


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