Week 2 – Onboarding

Week 2 – Onboarding – 5/9/2018


  1. Welcome & Intro – ME (5 min)
  2. Have you made any strides or decisions since our last meeting?
  3. What do I even mean by onboarding – ME (5-10 min)
  4. DISCUSSION QUESTION #1: Do you have an interviewing process? – ALL (10 min)
  5. DISCUSSION QUESTION #2: Do you know what kind of people would fit best for your team? – ALL (10 min)
  6. DISCUSSION QUESTION #3: Do you have workflow for onboarding? – ALL (10 Min)
  7. Wrap up (5 min)

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Interview Process (in general you need the following):

  1. Set of criteria / job description – create and post – (NOTE: should include hours and pay range)
  2. Application process – software, submission documentation, recruiters – NOTE: I highly recommend including a question about their personality type. (Here’s a great free test for it: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test; and here is a great paid test: https://www.truity.com/)
  3. Application review process – to weed out the best candidates for interviews
  4. Scheduling – for interviews
  5. Initial / Phone Interview – should be less than 30 minutes to further narrow down the best candidates
  6. Second / In-person / Video Interview – should have a list of questions that require them to give you a lot of examples from their past jobs. You want this to be more conversational; less of a  firing squad
  7. Decision Making – decide to hire or if you need more time with the candidate; some managers have them do a trial task to prove out their skills.

Employee Onboarding Process (in general you need to the following):

  1. Hiring letter –
    • Welcomes them
    • Sets the starting date, the salary / hourly rate, the hours/week or month
    • Explains any other expectations of working, such as certain hours and days of the week, location for working, equipment need (computer, webcam, supplies)
  2. Employment / Independent Contractor Contract – Should include a non-compete clause. (NOTE: I recommend getting these from The Contact ShopThis is an affiliate link, which means I do make a small commission if you choose to purchase); this must be signed to accept the position.
  3. Employee Handbook – that contains the policies and rules for working for you
  4. Welcome email – that contains the following:
    • Timeline for completion of HR forms and acceptance of the employee handbook
    • Clear direction for where and when they should report to work, and list any items which must be brought with them. (this may be as simple as a login for a video conferencing meeting)
    • Schedule / Itinerary of the first day so that the new hire can be mentally prepared for what to expect
  5. Email, File Access, Software Access – set this up before their first day
  6. First Day Meeting – try to make this at the beginning of the day….waiting around for this can be awkward, especially if they are working in person.
    • A warm welcome – show your excitement
    • Collect HR forms and anything else that requires signatures
    • Housekeeping – hours, how to communicate, expectations for dress or supplies,
    • If they are working in person – a tour of the building
    • If they are working remotely – confirm they can access all of the software
    • Review what they will be doing – bonus points if this is in a PM system with due dates
  7. If they are working for you in a location that you provide for them, then you need to prepare the work station for the new hire prior to his or her arrival. Ensure that the work station is stocked with everything which will be needed to help them start off on the right foot.
  8. Let your other team members / employees know about the new hire…. send out an email with encouragement to make the new hire welcome at every opportunity.

Link to the recording of the meeting:


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