Week 3 – Manager

Week 3 – Managing – 5/16/2018

 Managing your team | The Creative Spring mastermind


  1. Have you made any strides or decisions since our last meeting?
  2. What is a Manager? and how is this different than an Owner? – ME (5-10 min)
  3. DISCUSSION QUESTION #1: What do you think the traits of a good manager are?  – ALL (10 min)
  4. DISCUSSION QUESTION #2: What kind of training do you think you would need to be a better manager? – ALL (10 min)
  5. DISCUSSION QUESTION #3: How can software help you manage better? – ALL (10 Min)
  6. Wrap up (5 min)


Traits / Skills of a Manager needs to have:

  • Understanding of workflow / processes
  • Communication
  • Creates accountability
  • Sets expectations
  • Acquires buy-in and agreement
  • Scheduling and deadline – both setting and monitoring
  • Governance / Compliance – enforcement and oversight of rules
  • Mediator – ability to see the full view of both sides and determine compromise
  • Analytical problem solver
  • Not afraid of confrontation – but does it with grace not aggression
  • Must have empathy…. gracefully handling the emotions while still enforcing the rules, deadlines, contract, agreement

Link to the recording of the meeting:


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