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 Hire a Project Manager or Online Business manager for your small business. The Creative Spring

Hi, I’m Andrea Layne…

business & Project Management wizard here at The Creative Spring.

I started The Creative Spring after 7 years as a highly-profitable wedding florist because I realized I could have a greater impact serving other business owners to help them be less frantic and stressed.

Since transforming from corporate business consultant to stay-at-home mom to dreamy wedding floral designer to all-knowing creative business guru, I’ve worked with dozens of fabulous entrepreneurs to identify ways to get them be more productive and stable.

With a background in communications + computers and lots of training in process definition and analysis, I’m armed to help you overcome the stressors that are in the way of you running your business. Check out my methods if you want to know more.

Armed with a killer methodology, a great webcam for video chats, and my rescued cocker spaniel under my chair, I’m here for you.


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